Di-Octyl Adipate (DOA)

Di-Octyl Adipate

We have been able to mark its strong presence in the market as one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Di-Octyl Adipate. This works as a typical freeze-resisting plasticizer used with other plasticizers for processing PVC products. Owing to this, the products made with it have good softness at low temperature and lightproof. These offered chemical formulations, which is used to produce clear films for food packaging applications. Further, this is also used in various lubricants for the functions of stability, superior lubricity, corrosion protection, biodegradability, and excellent performance at both high and low temperatures.

  • DOA is a typical Freeze Resisting Plasticizer used in in PVC, Chlorethiene Polymer, Cellulose Nitrate, Ethyl Cellulose and Synthetic for high in Plasticizing Efficiency, Low in color changing property after Heating, capable of making products soft in Low Temperature and Light-Resisting.
  • DOA can be used together with DOA and DBP in cold-Resisting Agriculture Plastic Films, Freezing Food Packing Films , Cable Electric Wire, limitation Paper, Plant, Outdoor Water Pipe.
  • DOA is used manufacturing wide range of Plastic and Coating Products.
  • DOA is specially suitable for Flexible Coatings, PVC Colorants and Plasticized Products which require good Low Temperature Properties.
  • DOA is used in PVC Footwear, Synthetic Leather, Floor-Coverings, Hoses, Production of PVC Granules & Films, also in Pints and Varnishes.
  • DOA is a Slightly Colored Oily Liquid.

PACKING: In New HDPE Drums of 220 kgs & iso Tanks.

Specifications Unit DOA
Mol. Wet. 370
Color Hazen 10  Min
30  Max
Specific Gravity At 27°C / 0.924-
27°C 0.928
Acidity Wt.% 0.004 Min
0.02  Max
Moisture Content Wt.% 0.04 Min
0.10 Max
Ester Contents By GLC% 99.00 Min
99.80 Max
Ash Contents Wt.% 0.01