Di-Butyl Phthalate (DBP)

Di-Butyl Phthalate

The superior quality Di Butyl Phthalate manufactured by us is known for its excellent usage as plasticizer in PVA, PVC, synthetic resins, synthetic rubber and many others. This is also used as solvent for paints, perfume oils, paper coatings, safety glass, adhesives, explosives, pesticides and many others. This is also used as mite repellent. This is colorless, oily, stable and non-volatile liquids of low toxicity. This is supplied to clients at affordable prices in a timely and prompt manner.

  • DBP has got excellent application as a Plasticizer in PVC Nitrocellulose Lacquers, Plastics, Water Tubing’s, Footwear, Synthetic Resins Synthetic Rubber Compounds & Sheets , Rubber Hoses, Automobile Parts& Accessories and Rubber Erasers etc.
  • DBP is used in safety Glass Industries where Film Layers are used to strength the glass.
  • DBP is in manufacturing of Polymer Emulsions for Adhesives (Fevicol Type) in Textile Wet Processing Products, Paper Coating Industries.
  • DBP is used in Pesticide Industries as a Solvent and is used as a Mite Repellent.
  • DBP is used in Surface Coating Industry i.e, Paints & Pigments and in Printing Inks.
  • DBP is used in Epoxy Sealants, Floor Polish & Sealers.
  • DBP is Colouress, Stable, Non-Volatile Oily Liquid of Low Toxicity.

PACKING: In New HDPE Drums of 220 kgs & iso Tanks.

Specifications Unit DBP
Mol. Wet. 278
Color Hazen 10 Min
20 Max
Specific Gravity At 27°C / 1.035-1.045
Acidity Wt.% 0.004 Min
0.01 Max
Moisture Content Wt.% 0.04 Min
0.10 Max
Refractive Index At 27°C 1.489-1.495
Ester Contents By GLC% 99.00 Min
99.90 Max
Ester Value By Chemical Analysis 399-405
Ash Contents Wt.% 0.01