We are reputed manufacturers of Butyl Acetate. BA is medium duty evaporating organic solvent which are extensively used by industries such as paint & thinner, textile, leather, cosmetics, ink, printing ink and surface coating. This is also used by pharmaceutical units in the extraction of Penicillin-G. This is also used as a solvent in many industries. BA is colorless, volatile liquids with a pleasant odor. We supply this to clients within the stipulated time frame at affordable costs.

  • Butyl Acetate is a medium duty evaporating organic solvent extensively used by the surface coating, ink, printing, textile, leather & cosmetic industry
  • Butyl Acetate is also used in the extraction process by pharmaceutical units specially in manufacture of Penicillin-G and as a solvent in many industries
  • Butyl Acetate is a colorless, volatile liquid with a pleasant Smell.

PACKING: In New HDPE Drums of 190 kgs & iso Tanks.

Specifications Unit B.A.
Mol. Wet. 116
Color Hazen 10 Min
20 Max
Specific Gravity At 27°C / 0.879-0.882
Acidity Wt.% 0.004 Min
0.01  Max
Moisture Content Wt.% 0.04 Min
0.10 Max
Refractive Index At 27°C 1.390-1.394
Ester Contents By GLC% 98.00 Min
99.90 Max
Ester Value By Chemical Analysis 97-101
Ash Contents Wt.% 0.01
Distillation Range 123°C-128°C