Di-Butyl Maleate (DBM)

Di-Butyl Maleate

By using advanced manufacturing technology, we are involved in manufacturing superior quality Di-Butyl Maleate. DBM is used as internal plasticizer along with polyvinyl acetate to improve tack properties, surface adhesion and film properties. In copolymer formulations, this replaces costly monomer 2-ethyl acrylate. This is used to impart weather resistant coating on leather. Known for being colorless and oily, this liquid is highly affordable. This is supplied after the approval of quality auditors.

  • DBM is used for Copolymers Applications involving PVC and Vinyl Acetates.
  • DBM is used as an Internal Plasticizer with Polyvinyl Acetate to improving Tack Properties , Films                 Properties and Adhesion to Surface.
  • DBM is used for creating Sulfosuccinates in Detergents and Paints.
  • DBM replace costly Monomer 2-Ethyl Acrylate in Copolymer Formulations.
  • DBM is used in Organic Synthesis, In the productions of derivatives of Succinic Acid.
  • DBM is also used in Plastisols, Dispersions, Coating Adhesives and Synthetic Lubricants.
  • DBM is a Colourless Oily Liquid.

PACKING: IN New HDPE Drums of 220 KGs & iso Tanks.

Specifications Unit DBM
Mol. Wet. 228
Color Hazen 10  Min
30  Max
Specific Gravity At 27°C / 0.992-0.996
Acidity Wt.% 0.004 Min
0.01  Max
Moisture Content Wt.% 0.04 Min
0.10 Max
Refractive Index At 27°C 1.452-1.456
Ester Contents By GLC% 98.00 Min
99.50 Max
Ester Value By Chemical Analysis 475-500
Ash Contents Wt.% 0.01