Dr. Ridham Dhawan, Ph.D., has expertise and experience in the field of polymer science. With a Ph.D. from CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, her academic journey has been marked by rigorous research and a deep understanding of polymer materials. With over a decade of dedicated research experience, Dr. Ridham has delved into various facets of polymer science, including polymers, plastics, nano-materials, and the critical area of recycling plastic waste. Her work has not only advanced the fundamental understanding of these materials but has also contributed significantly to sustainable practices in the industry. Dr. Ridham commitment to excellence is evident in her track record of publications, patents, book chapters and collaborations with leading institutions and industry partners. Dr. Ridham passion lies in pioneering sustainable solutions within the polymer industry, aiming to address environmental challenges and promote circular economy practices.

Dr. S.K. Dhawan, Ex-Chief Scientist CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, (Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India), New Delhi and presently working as Managing Director at Vikas Lifecare Limited, New Delhi, India (a DSIR recognized industry). Dr. Dhawan has been nominated in the top 2% Scientists in the world ranking as published by Stanford University and Elsevier Foundation. Dr. Dhawan is ranked #34 in India among the top Material Scientists in India, in a survey conducted by Dr. Dhawan has worked in the area of EMI shielding, Self-healing Smart conducting polymer Coatings for corrosion protection, and Waste plastic management.

Dr. Dhawan has published 180 research papers, filed 8 US patents and 8 Indian Patents.  He has received Outstanding Scientist Award in 2009 and DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Award in 2014 for his contribution in Self-healing coatings and ASDF Global Award in 2015. In 2017, he had received Aryabhatta Sammana Award from Swadeshi Science Movement for his contribution in Swachha Bharat Abihyyan towards Waste Plastic Utilization. His technology on “Utilization of Waste Plastics for designing Tiles for Societal Usage” has been selected in top Smart 50 Innovations by DST & IIM in 2018. In 2019, Dr. Dhawan has received NRDC innovation award.

Technical Advisor